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We should love, not fall in love. Because everything that falls, get broken.

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if i had my licence the only thing i’d use it for is mcdonalds at 3am

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This girl just sit beside me on the floor in the train. She was drawing a figure. I’m guessing she took art major. I don’t know why but I like when someone is committed him or herself to art. I respect this person.
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Sitting in the train. Suddenly hearing “Let it Go”, I look around searching for its source. I look at the guy and he pick up his phone. Thank the Lord. It’s his ring tone.

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*points at fully grown video game character* my child

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truth or dare more like preform a strange sexual act or tell me who you like

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Just a thing to prove to my mom.

Please reblog if you’re a girl and you don’t shave your legs/arm pits, or you’re a girl who does shave her legs/arm pits, but doesn’t think any the less of others that do not or if you’re a guy who doesn’t care if a girl shaves or not.

If I get enough reblogs, I’ll show this to her, and maybe it will be enough to convince her to stop telling me to be ashamed of my body’s natural functions just because I’m a girl.

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sorry your password must contain the entire alphabet, your left foot, a theme song to a television show, and the blood of your enemies 

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have you ever had a dream about someone and then you started feeling different about him because of that dream?

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helping old people with computers is the 10th circle of hell

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Oh.. Seems pretty violent ..

Go ahead. Watch it. Prove your doubts.
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